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Bago Walleye Club

Welcome to the official website of the Bago Walleye Club. Founded in 2010, the BWC is lake Winnebago's premier walleye tournament series.

Practicing a catch-picture-release format through a series of 4 events spanning May-July. Anglers have the opportunity to accumulate points throughout the series having their chance at over $10,000 in guaranteed prizes and payouts. 

New For 2022

As the tournament industry changes BWC has evolved right with it. From live weigh-ins to catch-photo-release, BWC has now added in a new element making recording results easier than ever. Pairing with FishDonkey, all recordings will be done via phone with results being finalized just minutes after the tournament closes.

FishDonkey app pairs with bwc


entry fee

cash & prizes


Menominee Park | Oshkosh, WI


Tournament Schedule

2022 Season

May 8th


June 5th


June 26th


July 17th






What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is $175 per team and includes big fish pot and tournament app fees. There is an additional $20 membership fee, per person, to be paid at the pre-tournament meeting or the morning of the tournament. Alternates are allowed and are $20 per alternate. 

Is the tournament entry fee per angler or per boat?

The entry fee is per boat.

How do I sign up my partner?

Log into the FishDonkey app with the angler's account who has signed up for the tournament. Then head on over to the tournaments entry info under First Name enter the full name of angler 1 and under Last Name enter the full name of the co-angler. 

Is there a formal launch?

Yes, all anglers launch from Menominee Park in Oshkosh, WI at 7:00 am.

Do I get to choose my co-angler?

Yes, you are responsible for choosing and signing up your co-angler.

How do you measure a fish with the FishDonkey app?

Watch this video on how to measure a fish with the FishDonkey app 

"The Bago Walleye events are ran flawlessly and a blast to compete in. I absolutely love this series."